The next potential subject of my artwork could be right around the corner or under my nose. I’m always ready to snap a photo when something catches my eye. Ordinary places or things can spark the creative desire to interpret the inherent personality of the chosen subject. Rather than paint a realistic depiction just for the sake of realism, the intent is to bring out the essence of the subject through detail and texture. I love it when people ask “Is that a photograph?”. However the goal is not simply to draw accurate reproductions of photos, but to move the subject beyond what most people see.

I don’t paint sofa art. My work is more of an intimate experience bringing the viewer in close to discover the many details and sometimes fun little surprises that are the mainstay of my work. I try to get the viewer to keep coming back to discover something new each time they look at the piece. I want them to see the world as I see it, up close and personal. I welcome you to “my” world.